Onde vai parar a tua roupa de plástico.

"There are other costs, as well. This disposable, mass production of fast fashion is amplifying one of the biggest environmental problems you’ve probably never heard of.  Billions of micro fibers—small bits of plastic easily consumed by aquatic life—are being emitted into the environment from the clothes we wear.
Based on a study conducted in 2011, 60-85 percent of human-made material found on shorelines consists of micro fibers from clothing.

Clothing manufacturers currently have no incentive to address environmental concerns because clothing fibers, based on current pollution laws, as hazardous materials are scaled on the same level of food scraps.” The future of our environment does not bode well because the current professionals in the clothing industry, according to Mr. Browne, “have no scientific training or basic qualifications to address these concerns. Their emphasis is on marketing, which is fine for the business model of the industry, but is dangerous given the malignant affects their lack of oversight is having on the environment."

Microfibers and the Dark Side of the Clothes we Wear